"We improve flying"

Ernest associated with paragliding since 2005. He is the founder and one of the two founders of the company. It occupies the position of chief executive engineer, and his task is to oversee the production of each drive. Creates and implements new projects drives and different solutions to improve flying. Thanks to his extensive technical knowledge and skills about electromechanical, he was able to successfully mount the fuel injection in Minari engines, thus creating the main product of our company.
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Ernest Adamczyk

The idea for the company was established in March 2013. Within a few months, complete negotiations with suppliers elements included in the drive, and above all with the Italian company Parmakit S.r.l to which the brand Minari Engine menaged to formally create a company Minari Engine Poland. And so from November 2013 company, gaining new markets around the world, proving the high quality of its products.